Instagram Will Also Use Facebook Data To Rank Stories

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When Instagram turned to its new algorithmic timeline a few months ago, nobody could have imagined that the company would be launching Stories. And now that Stories is the hottest piece of news we’ve heard in a while, we come to think about how this new format will appear on the platform. Well, apparently Instagram will be taking into consideration information from Facebook for this.

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Snapchat uses reverse-chronological order for its timeline. Since Instagram switched to its algorithm a while back it can’t simply go back to the non-algorithmic one now. Right? For now, Instagram needs to stick to its decision. But, in order to order its new format effectively, it needs to look at a few more factors. Facebook data. Data about engagement and relationships between users.

As Tim Peterson explains in a recent article for Marketing Land,

Instagram’s algorithm will decide the order of Stories by referencing whose content people engage with on Instagram, as well as on Facebook.

Reverse-chronological ordering in posts gives users only a view of what is immediately current (very useful in many circumstances) and not what is actually interesting to them. Facebook has a wealth of knowledge about users, and will be able to better cater for what people want to see. At the moment, users can only five Stories.

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