Honda’s “The Other Side” on YouTube Will Blow Your Mind!

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Wow! That’s all I can say. I’ve just watched “The Other Side” a new YouTube campaign by Honda UK and Wieden + Kennedy London for the new Civic and the Civic Type R (the sporty version).

You’ll have to see it to believe it and to understand my explanation below, but what they’ve done in this campaign is super cool and have added a level of interaction to YouTube as a platform that I personally haven’t seen in a while. So, what’s so special about it?

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Well, for one, it’s a social media campaign that advertises two models of the same car, one in full antithesis to the other (the family car vs the getaway car) by telling a similar but yet opposite story – a kind of black and white story… day and night.


While watching “The Other Side” you simply press R at whatever point you want and a whole new side of life appears.

Wieden + Kennedy London explained on their blog:

We wanted people to feel Honda’s other side as well as see it (…) so we dreamt up a technique that brings together both narratives through a simple interaction.

Whatever the case, I really think they nailed it. What do you think?

You’ll need to be on YouTube to enjoy the experience, so go see “The Other Side” for yourself at Honda Video… :-)

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