Facebook Was The Most-Used Smartphone App In 2016

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It’s no surprise that Facebook was the most-used smartphone app in 2016! Facebook-owned Messenger comes second, but this year it is Google that has 5 apps in the top 10! 

The world has gone mobile and Facebook knows it. With more than 146 million average unique monthly users, and 14% growth year on year, Facebook is the indisputable number 1 app for 2016. And alongside its flagship app, Facebook also ranked #2 with Messenger and #8 with Instagram. But Google also struck gold, with 5 of its apps in the top 10: YouTube (#3), Google Maps (#4), Google Search (#5), Google Play (#6) and Gmail (#7).

But some will argue (and I’m one of them) that most of these Google apps are considered “basic utilities” on a smartphone (Maps and Gmail are definitely two of them) and it’s therefore not surprising to find them ranking high.


Despite ranking only 8th, Instagram has achieved the strongest growth in 2016 (+36%), now scoring almost 75 million average MUUs! And in my opinion, we should see Instagram climbing even higher in 2017!

Are you surprised that apps like WhatsApp or Twitter did not make the top 10? Oh, and of course, no signs of Google+….

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