Facebook Updates Creative Hub With Collaboration Tools, More Placements And Formats

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Facebook is introducing a new set of tools on its Creative Hub that will help teams organise and share their mockups, and collaborate more effectively on their creatives.

It’s becoming more and more important for marketers and advertisers to be able to get create great ads for the mobile feed. To help them get inspired, experiment with new ad formats, and preview their experiments, Facebook launched Creative Hub last year. In that time, Creative Hub has become the go-to place for all the above, but has also “evolved its offering,” making it an ideal tool for creative teams and marketers to collaborate.

Creative Hub’s latest updates and new tools that will make their way to the Business Manager in mid-October 2017 make it even more so. Here are a few updates that marketers should be taking note of.

The Ability to Organise and Share Projects

In its latest update, Creative Hub is making collaboration easier. Now, not only one person can work on a mock-up, as teams can organise all their work into ‘projects.’ Teams that want to take advantage of this feature will need to have access to a Business Manager.

Projects can be found, created, organised, and shared from within the ‘Manage Mockups’ section.

The Ability to Deliver Ads

Mocks-up ads can now be shared directly with media teams and any partner agencies, so that they can then get them live without having to created them over again. The ‘Deliver ad’ feature essentially “completes the connection between Creative Hub” and Facebook‘s ad buying interfaces.

Apart from simplifying the ads creation-to-delivery process, the feature gets rid of the risk of mistakes while the creative is rebuilt for deliver. Furthermore, it saves a lot of time!

The Availability of More Formats and Placements

In addition to Creative Hub’s creation and previewing of interactive formats like Carousel and Canvas ads, video formats like 360 video, slideshow ads, video and video link ads, image formats like single image and single image link ads, Instagram ad formats have been added to the mix as well.

Creative Hub also now allows marketers to preview their Instagram mock-ups (image, video, carousel, and stories) on mobile. Creative Hub is also currently the “only place to mock-up Instagram Stories.”

Collection and Instagram Stories Added To The Inspiration Gallery

Creative Hub’s inspiration gallery have now been expanded to include Collection and Instagram Stories as well. Additionally, Facebook has added new filtering options for videos that are either over, or under, 15 seconds.

Finally, the inspiration gallery now offers a new ad format gallery to help advertisers get their ad specs right on each ad format for different placements and Facebook‘s different platforms.

You can find out more about how to use Creative Hub here.

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