Facebook Is Testing A ‘Mentorship’ Feature

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References found in Facebook’s code appear to point to a new feature that may allow users to connect to each other as “mentor” and “mentee.” 

Facebook isn’t just copying Snapchat. It’s interested in some features that might traditionally belong to LinkedIn as well. So far, the social network has launched job advertising, but now it is eying up a more recent addition to the professional social media platform – mentorships.

LinkedIn started offering the ability for users seeking mentors to match up with the right people on the platform with a new feature rolled out just last month. Now, as reported by TechCrunch, someone with a keen eye has spotted two lines of Facebook’s code that looks like the induction to a mentoring program of some kind. “Well,” you will say, “two lines of code don’t mean much, right?” True, but there’s actually hard evidence that Facebook is already testing the feature – at least internally.

Matt Navarra was first to share a screenshot of the feature explaining how Facebook seems to be matching up mentors with menses:

It appears that the app matches a mentee’s interests up with those of the mentor’s, and by way of introduction, gives them a list of points they have in common, including friends, education, geographic location and — most importantly — profession

Could this be the next step in Facebook’s bid to take over business networking as well? Could it be integrated in Workplace? This remains to be seen.

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