Facebook Might Not Be Cool For Teens, But They Still Use It

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From time to time we hear about how Facebook isn’t cool and that teens are abandoning it in droves etc. Whatever the case may be, Facebook is not getting any smaller… and guess what? A new study has found that, although teens think Facebook isn’t really cool, they still use it… apparently.

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The recent study by Forrester Research found that only around 65% percent of users online in the United States, between the ages of 12 and 17, actually see Facebook as cool. Still, it’s better than Tumblr, Pinterest, or Google+ with 62%, 58% and 55% respectively. Platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine and Twitter all fared much better. 80% of the same age group thinks that YouTube is cool versus 79% for Snapchat, 78% for Instagram, 72% for Vine and 69% for Twitter. Instant messaging app WhatsApp was just up from Facebook at 67%.

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This might be the case, yet the study also found that 60% of those who responded use Facebook more than all the others. In fact, over 30% of them say that the use it “all the time”.


Well, people seem to think that this is the end of Facebook because teens don’t find it cool. As it is very clear now… this is not the case. Whether they think it’s cool or not, they still use it. A lot!

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