Businesses On Instagram Can Now Boost Posts With Multiple Images And Videos

by • August 14, 2017 • InstagramComments Off on Businesses On Instagram Can Now Boost Posts With Multiple Images And Videos3845

Instagram is now allowing businesses to boost their posts that contain multiple images and videos directly from within their mobile app. 

Earlier this year, Instagram started allowing its users to post a mix of up to ten images and videos in each of their posts. Since then, many businesses have been asking for the ability to promote those posts, especially from within the app itself.

Of course, the workaround for this was to simply create a carousel ad in the Ads Manager, but if a business wanted to promote a specific organic post, this was not possible. Now, a promote button will appear below Instagram posts that contain multiple images and videos.

Admins of a business account can simply tap on the button to set up their post as an ad, for profile or website visits. Businesses also have the ability to promote their post to users who are located near a specific location – i.e. the address of a brick-and-mortar location.

When Instagram launched the ability to create posts with multiple images and videos in February, it was businesses that were most excited about it. Apart from creating posts to showcase multiple products, they could now also share step-by-step how-to’s, create posts that allow their followers to explore a specific product, or even share inspirational quotes word by word.

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