4+1 Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement

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Engaging fans and followers is the graal of social media. We all want more and more engagement on our social media profiles. Why? Because engaging with fans is the key to proper, constructive, useful, social media marketing.

So I think that every opportunity to remind everyone of the basics of creating engagement on Facebook, is a good thing. This infographic was prepared by Sim Partners and it sums up 4 easy tips to for more engagement:

  1. Use images: Images do drive the most engagement on Facebook, but beware to choose the right ones for your audience. Although the new way links appear also create engagement, but only if the featured image is chosen carefully too.
  2. Ask questions: What better way is there to get comments than to ask you fans for their opinion on something, what do you think?
  3. Post at the right time: every audience, every single page has its own best time to post. Check your insights and find out when your fans are online the most. Also try different times until you figure out which ones work best for your page.
  4. Advertise: Yes, there is no secret, advertising on Facebook still is a leading method to get more engagement. Use sponsored stories and social ads to promote your page and its content, and you should automatically see more people joining the conversation.

and our bonus one: BE CONSISTENT!

See the infographic

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