399 Million People Use Facebook Only From Mobile

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In its second-quarter earnings report, Facebook revealed that it now has 399 million mobile-only monthly active users. This number is already huge, now think that this means that almost 1 out of 3 Facebook users never use the web version of Facebook.

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In fact, more than a billion users log onto Facebook from a mobile device every month, but 60% of them actually use Facebook on both mobile and web.

The growth in mobile-only users is gigantic for Facebook as the platform picked up 58 million new mobile-only users over the course of the last quarter (+180 million over the last 12 months). Taking into account that only 41 million new users joined Facebook during the same period of time, this clearly draws a trend of users moving away from Facebook’s web platform.


The trend is largely supported by Facebook itself. The company has been seen putting a lot of efforts into developing its mobile offer, with revamped and more performant mobile apps, as well as many new standalone apps (Slingshot, Paper, ..)

If the trend was to be verified over the next few years, Facebook could even move away from its native web-based services and focus solely on mobile. Something to think about when you are planing your marketing efforts on Facebook and considering whether to build an app or not.

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