10+1 Creative Ways to Use Your Cover Photo

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What is the first thing people see when go to your brand’s Page on Facebook?


Your Cover Photo.

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Cover Photos summarize the look-and-feel of a brand’s voice, philosophy, opinion, activities etc. It is the first thing that you see on a brand’s Page and so it’s imperative that you choose an image that does the best job of representing your brand.

So, as a marketer, you need to do your best for your brand and your consumers. Have you ever wondered how many ways of presenting your Cover Photo exist?

PostPlanner shows us some great examples of well-known brands worldwide who have succeeded in exploiting numerous ways of promoting their brands through the 851 x 351-pixel space (Yes, those are the correct dimensions of the cover image):

1. Promote your Brand

This is the most common way in which Brands use their Cover photos.


2. Show Your Support for A Cause


3. Highlight Upcoming Events 


4. Promote your Fans’ Work


5. Promote a new Product

heineken_cover photo

6. Sell a Product


7. Tell everyone what your page is all about


8. Show Testimonials


9. Highlight Your People


10.  Promote your Fans


11. Announce a Contest


Have you seen other creative uses of the cover photo? Let us know!

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