10 Years Of Social Media Evolution [infographic]

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It’s mind boggling to think that Facebook was only founded 10 years ago – it has changed our lives so much. The last ten years have seen a huge rise in social media influence, not only in terms of communication, but also in terms of business, travel, tourism, relationships, food, etc. The list just goes on and on – I am sure you can think of a thousand examples.

But what has really happened over the last 10 years? Take a long look at social media history from 2004 to 2014 and you will find some very interesting things – some you may have forgotten.

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Can you remember Facebook without the infamous “like” button, or a time with no Facebook at all? Do you even remember MySpace? Here are a few very interesting facts about the “young” history of social media.

Key Points To Remember

  • The like button appeared in 2009 (not that long ago if you think about it)
  • – Yes, here was a time that MySpace had more users than Facebook
  • -In 2008, Facebook officially became the king of social media in terms of user numbers alone
  • – In 2009 YouTube gained its billionth view, something that Gangnam Style did in less than two years (2012 – 2014)
  • – Tumblr is already 7 this year and that Google+ was only launched in 2011

Some of the numbers are simply staggering. Check them out for yourself in this social media infographic from MediaVision. I present to you the “Evolution of Social Media 2004 – 2014”.


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