You Can Now Order Food And Alcohol Through Foursquare

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Foursquare was very popular a few years ago and then it decided to split into two separate apps for no apparent reason. This alienated quite a few users who were now left wondering, “is there any point?”. Well, now there is a point. One of them is that Foursquare is partnering with Delivery.com to allow its users to buy food and alcohol from the app.

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Just the other day, Foursquare announced its partnership with Delivery.com. This enables users to buy food, alcohol and groceries on demand right from within the app for delivery. Just months ago, the company had announced that you could hail an Uber from the app, and integration with Open Table meant that users can book tables through the app as well. Also, it had previously integrated with DeliveryHero and Seamless for delivery.

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The new integration is with Button – a mobile commerce platform that enables features on Uber, Airbnb and Ticketmaster.

The feature now allows you to just go on the app, find a restaurant or store that gives you delivery through delivery.com and buy whatever you want. For the time being, only the actual search works through Foursquare – the rest is done by redirecting you to Delivery.com’s app, where you place your order and pay for it. At the moment, there are over 10,000 businesses available.

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