Why You Will Never Get Access To Facebook Quick Updates

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Facebook is constantly testing out new features. But most of them never actually get rolled out to all users. It is the case of Quick Updates, a Snapchat like feature that Facebook has been testing among selected users, before deciding to drop the whole thing.

Facebook Quick Updates were 24-hour ephemeral updates that worked much like Snapchat stories: share something and your friends only have so much time to see it before it disappears forever. Also, Quick Updates were only to be seen by friends you selected, and not be shared on the Newsfeed.

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Selected users could share Quick Updates via a dedicated button that appeared next to the search box. These updates could be old or new content and media, on which you could overlay text before selecting whom you wanted your update to be shown to:


It was definitely a feature looking to take a hit on the popular Snapchat stories. But after a testing period, Facebook has deemed better to not release the feature more widely.

Personally, I find it interesting that Facebook has grown to a maturely clever company that knows when and when not to roll out a new feature. And quick update is not something I would have been looking forward to, on a platform which is already quite complicated.

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