Why Influencer Marketing Is The New King Of Content

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In the last few decades, we have witnessed the golden age of traditional advertising, but it is fair to say that this period is over. Part of the reason lies in the ridiculous amount of information people are able to collect thanks to the internet. Shoppers of all kinds no longer rely on branded content – online reviews, blogs and social media have taken over in terms of influence on their purchase decision.

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With social media empowering users to have their say pretty much about everything, influencers have risen in the last few years to an unprecedented level. It’s a fact that consumers trust recommendations from other individuals (even someone they don’t know!) over brand messages and influencers are right in that sweet spot: they are playing out as people who reap trust from shoppers, and some of them have tremendous effect on people’s appreciation.

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With no further ado, check out this jam-packed infographic from It’s full of brilliant stats that will help you seize the importance of influencer marketing. Once you’ve read everything, start to identify influencers in your industry and get started!


  1. Influencers sharing your content can lead to a 3 to 10 times increase in conversion rate!
  2. Already 2/3 of brands have a influencer marketing strategy. Do you?
  3. 20% of women will consider purchasing products supported by influencers.
  4. Food is the industry which relies the most on influencers.
  5. Influencers can also turn into brand evangelists: 77% say they’re more likely to buy from their sponsors.


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