What Are Facebook Local Awareness Ads And Why They Are Important

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Local businesses usually don’t usually have very big budgets for marketing, and to be honest, every penny counts. So, they have to be very good at targeting people that are nearby. Facebook has launched Local Awareness Ads for exactly that purpose.

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Local Awareness Ads make “make advertising for local businesses easier and more effective”, because businesses can find their customers by showing them ads when they are nearby. This method is a lot more cost-effective, as it offers “more precise targeting and greater reach”. Growing awareness for your business within a radius of a few blocks to a few miles is now really easy!

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What’s also very easy is to create an ad – even from within your Page. All you need to do is click on your Page’s profile image to get started. You will need to have a business address that Facebook will recognise for you, a radius that you would like to target, as well as an audience to target. You can include people who either live nearby, or have recently been near your business.


Your audience will be served ads with one of four different call-to-action buttons: Send Message, Call Now, Get Directions and Learn More. Local Awareness Ads are available in the US immediately but have been rolling out to other markets in the last few weeks. Within the next few months, any local business across the globe will be able to use them.

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