Use Videos For Reach And Images For Engagement On Facebook

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Effective content strategies require figuring out what type of content gains certain results on different KPIs. If you don’t test different content-types all the time, figuring out what reaps the best results is a bit of a guessing game. Well, the numbers are in, and according to Locowise, photos bring engagement, whereas videos bring reach.

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Locowise studied 5,000 Facebook Pages throughout the month of September, finding that Facebook videos had an average reach of 9.42%, links had 8.95%, photos had 7.75% and text had 5.51%. In terms of average engagement, photos had the highest engagement at 6.6%, videos slightly less at 6.53%, status updates had average engagement of 4.25% and links a rate of just 3.96%.

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So, as a Facebook Page manager, if you’re after engagement and reach, you have to combine images and video and find the right mix for your brand. It’s that simple.

The study also found that, 42.95% of Facebook Pages used ads. These ads brought roughly 30% or their reach. This is logical, seeing as video views are still relatively cheap because of their hight reach potential.

Locowise reminds us that

Facebook videos and photos work much better for organic reach and engagement. Does each and every of your posts feature an interesting image or a video? It’s worth reworking your content calendar to include some original multimedia. Not only that, but also think about how the introduction of live streaming and 360-degree videos fits your strategy.

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