Twitter Launches Conversion Lift To Improve Targeting

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One of the main concerns for digital marketers and advertisers is whether they can measure the success of a campaign, effectively and precisely. With Facebook offering more and more thorough tools to measure campaign effectiveness, it was Twitter’s time to make a move towards this direction.

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Twitter introduced is Conversion Lift tool, which is essentially a custom data-driven report designed to help advertisers better understand and quantify the results of their Twitter Ads campaigns, and measure whether they are driving toward their bottom line.

The rationale behind this new report is that every day millions of users perform numerous contextual and device switches, so the existing technique of measuring last-click attribution is becoming obsolete as it cannot prove that a user has not switched devices.

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So how does it work? When running an ad, Twitter automatically segments your audience into those who’ve seen the ad and those who haven’t. By measuring the conversion rates across both groups, advertisers can see whether their campaign has been successful overall.

twitter sample report conversion lift

Twitter has been preparing this new feature and has been running tests in the background for several months now. Those tests showed that people who are exposed to an advertiser’s promoted tweets are 1.4x more likely to convert, while those who engage with them are 3.2x more likely to convert, when compared to the control group.

You can find more information here.

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