Travel User-Generated Content And Why It Matters to Brands

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It seems that no trip or holiday is considered complete these days, if it is not fully documented and shared on social media. Sunsets, the view from the hammock, or what one ate for breakfast… all in a travel day’s user-generated content. And believe it or not, this content is actually very important. Brands can use it to connect with people and engage with their customers. They just need to figure out how.

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The power of travel UGC is explained a lot better in an infographic from Stackla. Let’s get a closer look at how this is the case. The general idea is that

…Experts agree that by next year, social media will be the primary way of generating travel bookings and revenue for half the travel industry. This means that millions of prospective traveler are turning to social media for vacation inspiration and validation…

As 66% of travellers do their research online, social media are becoming a very important part of the travel industry. Since more people are booking tickets on mobile (1/5 of ticket-spend) and researching destinations, brands need to concentrate their efforts in using user-generated content.

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Most people trust user-generated content to find out about a place, as it’s perceived as more honest. In fact, 92% of consumers trusted their friends’ and family members’ recommendations when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. 76% of people say that “online reviews from fellow travelers give them inside knowledge” about a place. 40% of millennials say that they depend solely on this information to inform their decision.

Sharing content is  a major part of the way in which user-generated content is so useful! If brands want to use it, they need to find ways to aggregate it and leverage it! Check out the infographic from Stackla for more information on this.


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