Thousands Of New Emojis Are Coming To Facebook

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If you love Emojis, this will be the biggest, most important update ever for you: Facebook is to add 1,620 new Emojis to its platform. Yes, you read that right.

If you rely on Emojis to communicate with your peers, Facebook wasn’t really the best platform for you so far. Until now, only 469 Emojis were available. I might sound like a lot, but anyone can soon realise they were never enough.

So, great news: Facebook has just announced it will add 1620 new Emojis to its collection, bringing the total number to over 2000 Unicode 9 Emojis! So no more excuses, and no more text, now everything in Emojis! 😲


Of course, this updates concerns the desktop version of Facebook only. On iOS and Android, you already have access to each operating system’s proprietary ones. But still, 2089 Emojis! 🙌

Facebook is also finalising the redesign of its existing Emoji collection, so you’ll also enjoy the new designs now! (They had not been updated since 2014, and their introduction)


The new collection includes redesigned and new animal Emojis, but also some cool additions like the man in tuxedo, the pregnant woman, a prince and the much-loved face palm.


But the one Emoji that seems to be taking the Internet by storm, is the new “drooling” Emoji. I must admit, it has a something special about it…


Weirdly enough, Facebook didn’t take this chance to align the way Emojis look between Messenger and the platform… Oh and before I go, I’d love to know your ideas on how to use the new “levitating businessman” Emoji.


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