This Ball Will Help You Discover Melbourne (With Periscope)

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Melbourne is a young and dynamic city with much to offer. It could have been easy enough for its tourist board to create a straightforward video, post it on YouTube and wait for potential visitors to find it, view it, and hope it would make them want to visit the city.

But that would not have been the right way… right?

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Today, the world is going live. It’s all about interaction, about getting the inside story. And who’s better at promoting Melbourne than the people who live there? They can do so… with a great tool: Periscope.

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Periscope is only efficient if you can gather enough people to watch your live stream. You have to make it interesting enough so that users will want to watch it, and even better if they want to interact with it. This is how “Play Melbourne” was born.

“Play Melbourne” is an interactive game, powered by Periscope and the people of Melbourne. The concept is simple: a smartphone is placed at the centre of a 3D printed ball sculpture, and connected to Periscope. The ball is handed over to a local resident who’s mission is to help internet users discover a part of the city. And once he is done, he can just “pass the ball” onto someone else.

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This is a really fun idea, that allows people from all over the world to discover the city in real-time – and through the lens of the real people who live in the city and experience it daily.

For more information and discover the campaign head over now to “Play Melbourne”.

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