These Pre-Roll Ads From Yoox Mix Exclusivity And Impulse Buying

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If you want to succeed with YouTube pre-roll ads, you have to make sure you get people’s attention and get them to convert, fast. A recent campaign from Yoox played with exclusivity and impulse buying to do just that. 

Getting people to click on your pre-roll ads is a challenge, and many brands have come up with sneaky ways to get people to stay and click through. The latest really cool example of an innovative way to do this comes from Italian luxury fashion brand Yoox. The brand worked with Stink Studios and Google to come up with 15-second ads for YouTube that would show you products that you’d only get one chance to buy. As soon as you passed on the offer, another person would get the chance.

Now, you may be thinking… “why not just go to find the product afterward?” Well, what part of “you’d get only one chance to buy” don’t you understand? Yes. Only one chance. You’d never see the ad again, and you’d never find the product anywhere else. Pretty cool, huh?

So, how did Yoox do it? Well, it used RITA, its real-time video cloud rendering platform to put each of the items into a totally unique video, making each pre-roll… you guessed it: UNIQUE. Haven’t seen one of the ads yet? Well, they are currently running in the U.S, Italy, Japan and South Korea throughout Cyber Weekend and all the way into mid-December.

Simone Zucca, fashion, and retail sector leader at Google Italy explained that this campaign proves “it is possible to run a branding campaign with performance tools, thus integrating a full funnel strategy which appeals to both awareness and purchase intent. It is brandformance at its best.” We tend to agree! Incredible approach! You can check them out here.

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