These Guys Built An Adventure Game On Instagram

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Biskrem is an iconic biscuit brand in Turkey. People love it and it has taken an integral part of their daily lives. But what if it did not exist, or if it was taken away from them? How would people react? Would they be ready to do anything to bring Biskrem back?

This is what the brand wanted to find out, and for that, they built an awesome adventure game on Instagram!

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Biskrem and their creative agency, ArnoBrasco, came up with an awesome idea: Biskrem are no more, they don’t even exist and Instagram users must replace the inventor of Biskrom and overcome all the obstacles to create the biscuit.

For this, they created a whole adventure game on Instagram, designing over 70 custom visuals and videos and launching 17 different accounts for alternate endings. To reach the final step, and finish the game, users had to use all the native features of Instagram: photo, video, map, tagging, search and even direct messaging!

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The results: +850% Instagram followers for the brand, 9990 likes, 9658 positive comments and a lot of earned media and PR value.

After the IKEA website and the Mercedes “Build your own” Instagram experience, this campaign comes to show that there is no limit to how creative brands can be with Instagram.

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