There Is An Ad-Free Version Of Twitter That No One Talks About

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We hear many people complaining about the increasing amount of ads they see on their Twitter timelines. However, there have been reports that there’s a privileged group of users who get to experience a an almost ad-free experience on Twitter. Who are they?

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According to the same sources, the social network has entrusted this ad-free view of the platform to some of its most prominent users. The criteria upon which the selection is based, vary. You don’t necessarily have to be famous to enjoy a “clean” timeline. Twitter also takes into account the amount of engagement and reach your tweets generate, so one may find users with a higher or lower amount of followers in this group.

Twitter has been struggling with user-growth for quite some time now, however, this move focuses on existing users. By removing the ads, Twitter aims at keeping its VIPs engaged with the platform and possibly attracting new users. While this move may appear somewhat paradoxical, it could be a good indicator of the state of users on the platform.

Moreover, Twitter could be experimenting with new forms of business models. In our our eyes, this ad-free experience could be a first step towards a freemium model for Twitter, that will separate users into two categories; those who sign up for the free version, and paid subscribers who will get to enjoy tweeting without brands taking over their timelines. Something closer to what Spotify already does.

What’s your take on this?

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