The Truth Behind Instagram Scheduling On Hootsuite

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When I saw the announcement of the integration of Instagram scheduling on my Hootsuite dashboard, I anxiously imagined all the things I was going to do with my newly found free time. I was ready to share the great news on all my social media accounts.

After I got over the initial shock and excitement, my skepticism settled in as I thought to myself: “I better try it out before I start talking about it on social media.”

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So I set out on my journey to schedule an Instagram post using Hootsuite.

I soon found out the new feature was not everything I hoped for. Articles like this and this are slightly misleading.

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You can plan your Instagram post and “schedule” it at the desired time but Hootsuite will not publish to Instagram for you. Instead, as long as you followed the setup directions, you will receive a notification from the Hootsuite app on your phone at the time of your scheduled Instagram post. You will then be prompted to open Instagram to finish publishing the post. It will save you time because what used to take 15 minutes per post in the middle of a busy day now takes 60 seconds.

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

Do I think this new Hootsuite feature makes Instagram posting easier? Yes. Do I applaud Instagram for sticking to the integrity of their mobile app? Yes. Do I think this feature is accurately portrayed? Not so much.

Also note that Hootsuite has not yet adopted Instagram’s support for landscape and portrait photos.

Still looking for a better way to schedule your posts on Instagram? Try Take Off – The Smart Scheduling App For Instagram.

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