The Truth Behind All Those Awesome Instagram Photos

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We are amazed every day by so many images on Instagram. Sure, there are some really really good photos on the photo-sharing platform, but what we don’t realise is that they are often a result of very clever staging and framing… In the process, many users make their lives look much more interesting than they are. What if we could see the reality behind each photo?

Chompoo Baritone, a photographer from Thailand, has created a project titled “#slowlife” which gives us a glimpse at exactly this.

#slowlife is meant to make us feel better, rather than worse about our own lives after looking at images that are supposed to be so perfect. Champoo Baritone imagines what happens outside each shot, showing the fakery that has been involved in its creation.

It’s not so much about shaming those who routinely make things look better than they are, but a commentary on the current social-sharing narrative.

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It’s also commentary on sharing certain things to look more interesting, which is also part of the narcissistic element of social media. Behind the curtain, a lot more is taking place, and this is something we often forget. Sure, we’re all guilty of this somehow.




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