The New LinkedIn App Is Here!

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Stop everything, LinkedIn has announced something new! This is maybe a bit exaggerated but the professional network has made a name for itself for not getting many updates. However, this time, it is rolling out one, and a major one too: the complete redesign of its mobile app. And it looks good!

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It was long overdue, let’s be honest. The existing app has not received any major updates for such a long time, it felt cluttered, outdated and, let’s face it, quite useless.

Quite the opposite, the new design is “more intuitive, smarter and dramatically simplifies your LinkedIn experience,” according to the network itself.

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In fact, LinkedIn says that the new app shows “more of what matters”, like trends within your industry, “and less of what doesn’t: like when your CEO shares one more of those (boring) corporate post”. And no one will complain about that, right?

The new app has a cleaner design, less clutter, and an overall much improved user experience. For example, the ‘Me’ tab is now a “one stop shop for your professional brand” — which means that it now regroups everything about you, from editing your profile, to seeing who viewed it and who liked, commented or shared your updates.

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Talking about which, the new app comes with a new profile and brand page layouts, and basically a new ‘everything’. Something every user was probably waiting for too, is the new messaging system which is now available for all.


LinkedIn might still not be the best designed or perfect social networking app there UX-wise is out there, but the new version is definitely a huge step forward. So, bravo LinkedIn!

What do you think of it?

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