Street Musicians Unite On Instagram

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On Instagram we find lovely, inspiring pictures, of people and places from every corner of the earth. We interact and connect with these pictures and their photographers, so why not form another layer of connectivity, on top of the existing one, based on the sharing of common experiences and interests?

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That’s the story behind Daniel Bacchieri’s Street Music Map Instagram account. It all started with a trip to Kiev, Ukraine. Bacchieri saw a street musician performing on the street and decided to film him. The results were satisfactory, so the story continued. This time back in his homeland, Brazil.

Strolling through the streets of São Paulo, Daniel discovered, enjoyed, and filmed aspiring musicians and then shared the footage with the rest of the world, through his Instagram account. But it’s not only his material. As he states, the project was so successful that people from around the world started sending him videos of street musicians from many other countries.

Two years, 925 artists and 81 countries later, his feed is a fine collection of the best music that our polluted, overcrowded streets offer. It has become a collaborative sensation, honouring talent and the people behind it that care enough to make our day with their melodies, as we are try to make our way to the office.

StreetMusicMap Ep. 913. Band: Jazz du Paris. At Rue de Buci, Paris, France. Filmed by Jorge Curi @jorgecuri. A video posted by StreetMusicMap (@streetmusicmap) on

Thank you Daniel!

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