SnapMoji: The Art of Bitmoji-ing Yourself Into Snapchat

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What happens when you take the world’s trendiest social media platform and mix it with a very popular Emoji app? The Answer is SnapMoji!

Snapchat announced a new integration with BitStrips, owner of the popular emoji app Bitmoji, which it purchased back in March. After designing and customising your own emojis in Bitmoji, you can integrate the stickers into Snapchat to plaster them as you please.

Now, making these babies is really straightforward. You can select everything from face shape to skin tonehair color and style, even outfits ranging from onesies to a Ghostbusters-themed uniform! It shouldn’t take you long to create yourself in animated form. It took me five minutes, and that’s mainly because I couldn’t decide whether to go for a cat onesie or just a t-shirt.

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To start using your emoji in Snapchat, you’ll need to tap on the square in the upper-right hand corner to turn on the stickers feature, and you’ll find your Bitmoji in the second sticker category (the one with the face). Don’t forget to swipe right for more…

Here’s mine! I particularly enjoy my cat t-shirt…

simona bitmoji

Snapchat paid about $100 million for Bitmoji, and was pretty much part of Snapchat’s strategy to buy anything that may become a threat. Pretty similar to Facebook’s way of doing things really… Remember when it tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion when the app was just getting popular?

Oh and I almost forgot… If your Snapchat friends have their Bitmoji set up too, then you can unlock friendmojis!

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