Snapchat Is Probably Adding Voice And Video Calls Soon

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There’s a lot of activity at Snapchat these days, and it seems that 2016 just might be the year that we see the platform make some big changes. Case in point, reports of a few lines of code in Snapchat that hint at voice and video call features. If these reports are correct, Snapchat just might make a very big announcement soon.

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First reported on 9 to 5 Google, the code for video and audio calls and stickers (just like on Facebook Messenger) on Snapchat’s “chat” is actually there, although invisible to users. Perhaps its something that the company is testing, but right now it’s unclear. Also, the overall reason behind such a move, is also unclear although one can only assume it has to do with Snapchat’s inability to monetise the platform effectively.

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It’s failure to do so, isn’t due to lack of trying – Recently Snapchat offered users the opportunity to buy their own filters: that idea was scrapped very fast. Also recently, Snapchat made it a lot easier (and cheaper) for brands to advertise on the platform – and there has even been indication that there is a self serve ad platform on the way.


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With WeChat becoming a major competitor in certain markets for most “western” platforms, Snapchat may want to also emulate some of its functions. Evan Spiegel – Snapchat’s CEO has discussed his admiration for WeChat in the past. For now, all we have to do is sit back and wait. Concrete evidence of a shift is not there, however desperate Snapchat seems to be for monetisation.

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