Should We Expect a ‘Sympathize’ Button On Facebook?

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Could this be the end of likes on awkward status updates? Well, it seems like Facebook is currently toying with the idea of adding a ‘Sympathize‘ button to the collection.

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A possible functionality could be the following: if you were to tag your status with a negative emotion (from Facebook’s lists of feelings), the “sympathize” button would automatically replace the “Like” button.

Although the idea was first coined at the Facebook Hackathon in the previous weeks, it seems it will not make its way to our news feeds anytime soon. According to Huffington Post, a Facebook engineer stated that the social network has been experimenting with the idea, and that it was generally well-received among coworkers… There isn’t a release date in sight however.

Until the announcement date comes, we will still to awkward Likes – liking something that “there simply isn’t anything to like about”.

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