Sell Products From Instagram With Photoslurp

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Not having links on Instagram posts is not such a bad thing really… But not for most brands. If only they could add links to their Instagram posts. If only. Sales would shoot straight through the roof! Well, it’s not possible and that’s that (for now), however Photoslurp has an answer.

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Photoslurp is a cool service for all those brands that want to sell stuff through Instagram. And its pretty simple to use. Also, it still doesn’t actually add, or require links in posts. The only link on an Instagram profile, is the profile link itself. And so Photoslurp gives you a link to your own e-commerce site outside Instagram that has exactly the same look and feel as the real thing.

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The Photoslurp page acts as a “middle man” between your Instagram account and your page – where people actually buy stuff. Cue lifestyle shots that are found on your Instagram feed. Cue, 60% clickthrough rate. Cue, sales.

But that’s not all. According to Ben Heinkel, Photoslurp’s cofounder and CTO, it might eventually become

“a unified visual marketing platform, from which they are able to manage all their visual content in one place.”

Instagram might just go all “e-commerce” on us very soon, but until then we’ve got workarounds like Photoslurp.

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