Scheduling Facebook Post Has Just Become Easier

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Facebook has been trying to keep users on its platform, fighting the likes of social dashboards like Hootsuite. The first steps were to “down-rank” content that was posted through 3rd parties app.

But then Facebook changed strategy and instead of going against the other platforms, it started offering more to convince social managers to use instead of dashboards… and the first major step was to introduce scheduled posts.

Well today, Facebook just made this easier! Now you can schedule a post in just 2 clicks more than what it would take you to post directly:

Post schedule facebook

  1. Choose a date on the calendar
  2. Enter the exact time you want your post to be published (5 min range)

This sure makes it easier than when we had to select 3 parameters (year, month, day) just to choose a date! Good move Facebook!

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