Publishers Can Now Optimise Their Revenue On Audience Network With CPM Targets

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Facebook has introduced a powerful new new revenue optimisation tool that will allow publishers using its Audience Network to maximise their earning potential. 

The new tool – CPM Targets – allows publishers on Audience Network to increase their earning potential by setting price targets for each of their ad placements serving Audience Network ads. Facebook explains that CPM Targets is different to price floors, as it will help deliver the bid that a publisher decides, rather than a minimum bid.

This allows publishers to increase their earning potential on each ad placement separately, allowing greater control of their bids. Publishers set their target bid and then the system accepts all bids above the target, and some slightly below, delivering the CPM that is more acceptable. CPM Targets is better for a number of reasons.

One, is the ability to better forecast ad revenue, as price targets that are specific to a placement and country provides more stable CPM performance. Another, is the ability for a publisher to easily set up CPM targets specific to a country, region, or the rest of the world. Being able to segment CPM targets geographically saves time.

Finally, CPM Targets is available for all publishers “with multiple demand sources” who also use the waterfall monetisation model – CPM Targets allows publishers to optimise their waterfall more effectively. As Amelia Zins, Product Marketing Manager, Publisher Solutions, explains in a blog post announcing the tool, CPM Targets allows publishers to

access demand from Facebook advertisers at various points in [their] waterfall, allowing [them] to better manage [their] demand sources and optimize revenue.

If you’re a publisher interested in using this optimization tool, you will need to contact your Facebook client partner. More information about it can also be found here.

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