Power Up Your Instagram Strategy With AppAction

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Instagram is definitely one of the platforms with the most potential, nowadays. And ever since it was acquired by Facebook, it has launched many new features to help businesses make the most of its possibilities. Ads, for example, are great, because they are powered by the Facebook machine.

However, Instagram still remains a very isolated platform. Despite its deep link with Facebook, you can hardly get any benefit from it as a business, in terms of targeting, for example. And Twitter doesn’t even let you show your Instagram images anymore…

Thankfully, an ex-Facebook employee and an ex-Instagrammer joined forces to launch AppAction. And it is a game changer.

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AppAction is a new app that lets you leverage your followers from Facebook and Twitter, to help you increase your Instagram audience. The app generates trackable URLs which you can use when sharing your posts directly onto Facebook and Twitter. For the latter, AppAction also finds a way around Twitter’s limitations and will actually let you show your Instagram pictures within Twitter.

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The links shared will redirect users to the app to view the post. This way, you will get data such as clicks, likes, comments and shares and be able to trace how many followers were gained for each picture shared. This is awesome, because it will lead you to understand what type of content generates the most engagement on your account and/or brings in the largest number of new followers. In this way, AppAction also brings an answer to another issue with Instagram: Analytics.


If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

AppAction is available for free for anyone to use, with premium services for businesses. The app has run a beta test for over 6 months before going live, and reports a 23% increase in engagement on each Instagram post shared using it. If that is really true, everyone should jump to the opportunity to at least try it now!

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