Pokémon Go Already Has Its Own Standalone Messaging App

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Pokémon Go hasn’t even been around that long, and it has become a massive success across the globe. In fact, it now has more active users than Tinder… and it hasn’t even launched worldwide yet.

If you haven’t played it yet, you wouldn’t know that Pokémon Go doesn’t have an internal messaging system. Absolutely no way for users to communicate with each other, to share strategies, or to create a community. Not very well-thought out Nintendo!

So here comes GoChat, a standalone messaging app for Pokémon Go players.

GoChat gives Pokémon Go a semblance of a community – at least locally, or within the range of Pokéstops. It doesn’t only allow players to contact other “trainers” by sending direct messages to each other. It allows them to take part in localized group chats. Just like in the game itself, Pokéstops are pins on a map, and players can participate in chats when in range.

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Direct messaging works a lot like this as well. Players can send other players messages as long as they have posted in the chat. If you are already a Pokémon Go player, and crave the interaction with other players nearby, why not download it?

GoChat is available on iOS, and Android.

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