Please Stop Counting Your Followers And Fans

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In the beginning, the internet created the possibility for immediate and international conversation.

Now the interwebs were formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of Google was hovering over the digital waters.

And the marketplace said, “Let the social platforms be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.”

The people saw that the platforms were good, and so businesses set out to create a presence upon them ALL. And declared their worth by the number of measurable disciples.

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And I’m only being a teeny tiny bit sarcastic here with this irreverent Social-Genesis mashup. Because when the early ordained social media “experts” directed small business to leave no social media stone unturned … well, they did small business an unfortunate disservice.

The era of accumulating “likes” and “followers” as a measure of numerical pride on social media has LONG been gone.

Hear me out … I’m not hating on the advice from back-in-the-day. I’m just a bit annoyed at its inexplicable grip on the business psyche. In fact, I’d wager that I spend half my time divorcing social media clients from these dinosaur ideas.

And it’s not just me. Companies everywhere are tying the hands of their social media people by demanding hollow numbers. Sheer quantity with no regard to quality. Straight up bulk, Costco-level nonsense.

These idées reçues are holding your social media efforts hostage. Diluting your time & investments and boring the crap out of your audience.

Let me break this down for everybody that’s confused about it. If your page has 10,000 Facebook Likes and a 1% engagement rate, it’s not helping your business. The pictures you post of you and your cat to 8,000 Instagram followers aren’t increasing your base. And your 20,000 Twitter followers that haven’t put you in a list they actually read cannot hear you.

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So everybody just take a breath, okay? It’s better to do one thing well than do 10 things half-a$$ed. Yeah, that’s old school marketing. Just like your grandma taught ya’. And it’s still right.

Here’s your Permission Slip! You really do not have to be on more than a couple social media platforms. Quit one if you want. Add one only when ready. But wherever your business spends its social time, take care to spend it well, honestly, and with integrity.

Both you and your audience will be grateful if you manage to have a bit of fun with it while you’re at it.

Just please stop counting your followers and fans. And start serving, entertaining, and surprising them! Because one fan’s good experience and word-of-mouth recommendation is worth 50 clever taglines and ad campaigns.

Your well-earned growth may be slow-and-steady. But at least it will count. For the numbers that DO matter.

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