Pinterest To Offer Advanced Targeting And Animated Ads

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Pinterest is diving deeper into the advertising ocean, by shifting its focus into providing solutions for those who want to invest a hefty chunk of money for promotion. With personalisation being the holy grail of advertising and social media platforms fighting for better targeting tools, Pinterest could not let the competition drive by.

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According to Ad AgeEric Hadley, head of partner marketing, has revealed that Pinterest will start offering more precise targeting, apart from its broad interest targeting that covers 30 different categories. For instance, an advertiser will be able to define a specific sport -e.g. soccer- instead of sports in general, when creating an ad on Pinterest.

However, this was not the only revelation that emerged during the discussion. Hadley stated that Pinterest is also working on new ad formats and – more specifically – animated ads that move when users scroll. Although no further details were given, we should expect to have a more detailed announcement in the coming months.

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