Nordstrom Ruled The Holidays With Its Amazing Messenger Chatbot

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There are many reasons why you need chatbots in your social strategy – especially if you’re a retailer. Apart from being relatively easy to set up, chatbots can be configured to deliver pretty good customer service as well.

This holiday season, Nordstrom paved the way – showing us all how customer service can be enhanced and bespoke at the same time, with the help of chatbots. The retailer rolled out its customer service’s little helper, to provide ideas to all who that needed to pick their holiday gifts.

Using a series questions and advanced AI-based data sets, Nordstrom’s Messenger chatbot proved to be a real concierge. The conversation started with the chatbot inviting users to pick whether they would like to chat with a representative, or initiate the perfect holiday gift module. The answer was provided via a multiple choice menu.


And that was where the predefined answers ended. Nordstrom’s chatbot asked a series of questions, which users could answer in free text. Depending on the input, the chatbot would then offer them some gift ideas, specifically picked for them. Impressive huh?

It’s pretty easy to assume that chatbots are fun little things that can give every brand a bit of a “tech edge.” The other, more serious side of things is that they’re able to handle enquiries, and perform customer care tasks, especially during busy seasons. Oh, did we also mention that they generate ROI?

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