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No More “Hide All” For Facebook – Just “Unfollow”

by • December 2, 2013 • Breaking News, FacebookComments Off on No More “Hide All” For Facebook – Just “Unfollow”3570


According to Techcrunch reports, Facebook is eliminating the option of hiding all updates from people you follow – now, you can just unfollow them. Although there is no change in its core functionality, compared to “Hide All” – you will still not receive items in your newsfeed – it’s not as polite as “Hide All”, which basically keeps the connection on, but the updates off.


According to the same report, there is speculation that Facebook opted for the change in wording, in order to be more relevant with the current social media terminology, already adopted by other platforms – Instagram and Twitter for instance.

This is another step towards the direction of more personalized and relevant content, taken the past few weeks by the leading social media network.

What’s your thoughts?

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