No More Awkward Messaging Moments Thanks To Viber

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Remember that last time you sent a text message and immediately regretted it? Yes… that time… Don’t worry too much though, we have all been there. Seriously. Well, to avoid that, in its newest app version (5.6.5), Viber now lets you delete sent messages, on both ends. Yes, even on the recipient’s phone!

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This is going to save us from more than one awkward moment. With the latest version of Viber, “oopsies” are a thing of the past: typos, heated reactive messages, embarrassing pictures? All of these can now be erased, as if they never happened. It’s called “delete for everyone.”


Vibes brings us the feature everyone has been waiting for, since the first text message was sent: the ability to delete it on both ends, as if it was never sent.

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A message can be deleted, whether the recipient has read it or not. And on ANY device. But don’t take my word for it:

So even if your friends did get to read that awkward message, they won’t be able to keep a copy of it. Well unless they get a screenshot of it of course…

I think this is a good enough reason to start using Viber again:  [iOS | Android]

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