New Periscope-Like App ZCast Makes Podcasting Interactive

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Until now, podcasting was a very one-way medium. Producers recorded the tape, uploaded it, and hoped that listeners would be drawn in. ZCast is changing all this, by duplicating the recipe that is making Twitter’s Periscope such a success. Podcasting is about to get better. Much better.

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Using the app, users can broadcast live podcasts from their smartphones, and listeners can jump in and interact with the host. After logging in with Twitter, broadcasters can live-stream the podcast but also schedule it for later and invite other Twitter users to join the show as guest speakers or listeners, comment in real time and get replies directly to their questions.

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Users can listen to the podcasts themselves on the web, but can also use the iOS version on the App Store. An Android app should follow suit in the coming months if it proves successful for users and podcast producers.

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It’s still early days for ZCast, but the added value is clear and should play out in its favour. It will be interesting to see whether industry influencers will join the platform, because if they do, ZCast should yield memberships in great numbers.

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Hillel Fuld, the marketing manager for Zula – the company behind ZCast says that the the goal is help users who don’t expensive equipment and can’t afford to buy it, “the ability to podcast and interact in real time with their audience”.

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