Musical.ly, That Giant Who Is Preparing To Take Over The World

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To some, the world of social media might seem a little immutable. But behind Facebook and the other top apps we all currently use – a startup (if we can still call it that) called Musical.ly  is preparing to take over the world.

If you’re not familiar with Musical.ly, let me explain. It is the new “big crush” for tweens and teens. The “instant music video” app focuses on lip-syncing video. Not telling you much? Well, Musical.ly is even more than that.

The startup has just dropped its fourth app into the App Store. After Live.ly – a live video streaming app which became larger than Periscope only months after its launch – came Squad – a group video social messaging app. Musical.ly has now launched Ping Pong – yet another new video messaging app. And it reminded me of Tribe.


It’s all a bit confusing, I’ll admit to that. But both Squad (group video chat) and Ping Pong (one-to-one video messaging) have a strong belief from Musical.ly in common. It wants to transform its business into something more social; where users interact more with each other.

Right now, neither of the two apps have a sizeable user base. But that is not the point here. Musical.ly and Live.ly are powerhouses among younger audiences. The fact that they are now working hard trying to decipher the social element that will get teens interacting with each other, is a sign that we may see Musical.ly having a much bigger role in our marketing mix very soon.

The question is: will we be ready?

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