#MissingType: Why You Should Care

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A campaign that has caught the attention of me and millions of others this week #MissingType is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media campaigns of the year.

A global initiative, led by Engine Group agency MHP Communications, raises awareness for blood donation for the NHS and other blood donation organisations worldwide. The campaign has already seen some of the largest organisations including Microsoft, TFL, Santander and Manchester City change their logo’s in support.

Paul Davies, marketing director for Microsoft UK, said:

You’ll see the Os disappear in our logo in some of our advertising for some of our brands, such as, Surface, Windows, Xbox and Microsoft UK, we’ll also be encouraging our employees to start donating blood.

Their video ad shows what a life without A’s, O’s and B’s would look like. 

Since it’s relaunch just 3 days ago, celebrities, brands and cities have been showing their support on social media by removing A’s, O’s and B’s from their logo’s, websites and even product. Bravo.

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Launched originally in 2015 in England and North Wales only, it saw over 30,000 new donators sign up in just 10 days of it’s launch. This year, they aim to reach over a billion people in 21 countries by uniting with blood donation organisations from around the world.

The need for blood donation is crucial, with a 30% decline in donations in the past few years alone, it’s vital we working in social media, with influential voices help an amazing campaign.

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Mike Stredder, Director of Blood Donation at NHS Blood and Transplant said:

Blood donation is an amazing gift. Transfusions save lives and transform health for millions across the world. Every donation can help or save up to three patients and last year in England alone 900,000 people gave blood – helping up to 2.7 million patients. Whether it is patients receiving treatment for cancer, blood disorders, after accidents or during surgery, or new mums who lost blood in childbirth, blood is an absolutely essential part of modern healthcare


So let’s ignore the sea of criticism that often comes with campaigns. Ignore the faults and mistakes to embrace a truly life-saving initiative. As a social media community, I plead we unite, put business to one side and share something great.

Speaking to WeRSM exclusively, Jon Latham, Assistant director of NHS Blood and Transplant asked our community to

Join with us and reverse the global decline in new donors by dropping the letters that make up the 4 blood groups. Social media makes the world a smaller place.

You can show your support for the campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by dropping the letters A O and B from your name and using #MissingType.

Visit blood.co.uk to register as a blood donor today. You even get free tea and biscuits!
To view this article without A’s, O’s and B’s in support of #MissingType, click here.

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