Messenger Bots Now Supported On Facebook’s App Analytics

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Since April, over 33,000 bots have been created to engage with users on the Messenger platform. Now, Facebook is rolling out two new resources to help by businesses and developers build and measure bots for Messenger. 

Bots are getting pretty popular, and we are just starting to see them blossom. Businesses have built bots that,

accept payments, deliver news and content, share weather updates, confirm reservations at a hotel, send receipts from a recent purchase, and more to help drive personalized, scaled experiences with customers.

And inspired by this, to help businesses make the most from their apps, Facebook is now adding bots to app analytics, and eligibility to join the FbStart program.

Bots For Messenger Support In Analytics For Apps

It’s important to be able to measure and understand a customer’s journey, across devices, apps, and websites, in order to optimise that journey. Analytics for Apps allows businesses to do this. Facebook is adding Messenger bots to analytics in order for businesses to get actionable insights for their customers’ journeys.

With the free tool, businesses can see reports

on messages sent, messages received, and people who block or unblock [their] app — without having to add additional code. In addition, [they’ll] have access to aggregated and anonymized demographic reports such as age, gender, education, interests, country, language, and much more to help [them] better understand who’s engaging with [their] bots.

For bots that are associated with more than one Page, the tool offers filtering to get to the specific stats for a Page. Businesses can also now use the App Events API to get information on specific events that are logged during the customer journey. For example,

  • – A travel business can see how often people are transferred to a human agent
  • – A news publisher can see how frequently people click links back to their site
  • – An e-commerce business can build cross-platform funnels to see what percentage of people interact with its bot also make a purchase on its website or app

Bots For Messenger Developers Welcomed To FbStart

Developers on the Messenger platform and businesses can now apply to the FbStart program – which helps mobile startups to build and grow their apps. Those who are accepted into the program will get benefits like ads credits and tools and services from partners like Dropbox, Amazon, or Stripe.

To find out more about these new features, you can have a look here.

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