Meet Sombrero, Your Personal Social Media Marketing Trainer

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Small businesses benefit a lot from social media marketing, provided they do it right. All too often though, have we seen small businesses try it, only to give up on it very quickly. Some don’t see the immediate benefits they were hoping for, others find it too difficult to manage.

Whatever the issue might be, people are not getting the most from their efforts. That’s why Sotrender has introduced Sombrero: Your personal social media marketing trainer!

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Sombrero is a free mobile app that will help kick off any SMB’s SMM efforts. It is designed for small business owners, and individuals who would like t learn how to get the most out of social. Learning new things is difficult, so it’s best to simplify. The core of the app is its training plans that are designed to suit your needs and experience. They provide dedicated and specialised knowledge on strategies for various industries such as food & drink, hospitality & tourism, beauty & wellness, e-commerce, fitness and many more.  They are also entered around specific goals such as increasing brand awareness, website traffic, or offline conversion for example.

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Sombrero covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging for now, but each channel presents a series of 15-minute tasks that will teach you how to use each. The tasks cover topics like creating your profile, creating the right content for your audience, or even tips on how to keep track of your competition. They are are simple enough and straightforward, but each correspond to a post on the dedicated blog.  So, if you want to do some more research, you can.


If you want to monitor your progress, you can do so too. Just connect your social profiles and the app will keep track and analyse your performance over time.

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

Sombrero offers you easy and frequent tasks (one for each channel), personalized suggestions based on your industry, and it is tailored to your level of experience. It even features shareable tasks that you can share with others. Finally, tasks are based on terabytes of data that Sotrender has analysed over the past five years.

You can download Sombrero for Android or iOS today and get cracking with your learning! Let us know what you think!

Marta Stanczyk, is Communications Manager at social media analytics company Sotrender, which gathers and automatically interprets data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Follow her on Twitter – @tusmaster.

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