#LikeForLife Teaches You The Importance Of CPR On Instagram

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Instagram is definitely the in platform for creatives lately. It is part because it offers one of the highest engagement rate but also because creative campaign on Instagram remain a novelty and are therefore more likely to be remembered.

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In Hungary, 70 people die every day from cardiac arrest, and many of these could be avoided. So the Hungarian Red-Cross is on a mission to teach a maximum of people about CPR (cardio-pulmonary reanimation) and organises many training sessions across Hungary.

To get the word out, and attract a maximum of people to the training sessions, the Red-Cross collaborated with Isobar Budapest to promote the campaign and reach people in an original manner they would not forget.

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Isobar turned to Instagram and created a bunch of short videos showing people having a heart attack. The video asks users to “tap” to bring him back to life thanks to the CPR technique. By doing so, users automatically like the video and contribute to making it even more viral: a win-win gesture.

Check out the video:

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