Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Social Media Geeks

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Need proof that social media is now a central part of all our lives? Look no further. Because the internet has blessed us with an exploding jack-o-lantern of social media-inspired Halloween costumes this year.

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The best part? They are incredibly simple. I’ve gathered the cream of the clever right here – throw them together in just minutes and finally prove to everyone that you’re not afraid to take this social media thing WAY too far.

Who could resist a Snapchat-inspired Puking Rainbow? Grab a face painting kit from your local everything store and hook up this look in minutes.

This savvy couple’s costume just requires a printer and some tape! There’s even a “poke” tab on the arm of the Facebook version … and of course, the unavoidable weird right-hand column ad. Note the blue bird atop his hat.


Double-tap this DIY Instagram costume! Take a screenshot, enlarge, cut out, and glue to poster board. My crowd favorite because, of course, it doubles as a clever photo booth all night long!


Need to gear up a whole group? Bust out the posterboard and markers for these sandwich boards in a snap!

And, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to actually do this, but it would work as a company social media post. Or just throw some chains over your shoulder and go solo, yeah?


It doesn’t get more low-effort than this clever Facebook win inspired by John from The Office!

wersm-The Office - Season 6

What? Too literal? Nah.


Here’s one for the Pinterest die-hards. This one’s made with laminate. But a corkboard and push-pins seems like more fun to me. I also saw a version with a magnet board and magnet pins. Yes, that’s a Pin-It button on her thumb.


A Hipper Hashtag. I dig this adaptation of the hashtag-in-a-bag you can actually buy. I’d skip the marker for some velcro and black felt, though.

wersm hashtag costume

A classic that’s been making the rounds for a while. But it still cracks me up!

wersm emoji happy cry costume

Grab some wings and some platform logos … and fly high as a social butterfly!wersm-socialbutterfly-costume

And, finally, I can’t help but giggle at this punny play on #throwbackthursday from Real Simple.

wersm throwback thursday costume

Or, hey, I suppose you could just put your Klout score on your forehead. Because that’s cool, right?

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