Kibo Hides Your Private Messages Behind Innocuous Words

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Most of us rely on messaging apps to communicate with our friends, family or colleagues. And more often than not, we like to keep our conversations private. But with screen notifications, it is hard to keep prying eyes away from incoming messages.

Well, there is a solution, and it’s called Kibo. This new apps lets you instantly hide your private messages behind innocuous words, so that only you and the recipient know what the conversation is really about.

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Kibo is an add-on app, not a full messaging app. Its a keyboard, to be exact – and it works with most of the messaging apps you normally use (Yes, that includes Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessages and more!)

When you setup Kibo on your phone, it adds a new keyboard to your system. That keyboard comes with a “lock” key that allows you to replace any messages you type with another totally ordinary message. To an outside viewer, it looks like you are talking about very mundane things. To your friend, lover or any other recipient, it will make much more sense. And to keep it even more private, you can even set a passcode that will be required to open your messages.

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Kibo Protects Everything: You, Your Messages And Your Personal Data

No need to worry about privacy and security anymore. Kobo won’t even ask for your phone number or email  address. When you send messages, they are encrypted before being stored on Kibo’s servers for delivery.

Kibo is already availble on the iPhone and will soon be on Android.

Get Kibo on your iPhone now:


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