Introducing The World’s First Instagram Novel

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Instagram is a network were creatives champion their ideas and find new ways to implement campaigns that will grab an audience’s attention. We have already seen Gap releasing its own soap-opera campaign to great success, but it is now time to see the world’s first novel appear on the social platform.

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One Instagram post at a time, Matilda and Harry Goodman, a novel by author Rachel Hulin, unravels everyday on Instagram. Just like a children’s book with images, albeit for grown ups, Hulin publishes her latest story through evocative images that depict the correspondence between two paternal twins hailing from New England.

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It is the first time a story-telling effort of such big scale has unraveled like this on Instagram. The project is also aided by other digital media, as Matilda, one of the key characters is an artist and has a website as well. This multidimensional digital approach manages to grip the readers’ attention, as it provides them with scrapbooks of memories, readings, and material that they can piece together to make a cohesive story.

Hurlin, a photographer, writer, and photo editor seems to have found the perfect mix for visual story-telling. We’ll be following it!

HEY HARRY, Today was kind of a wash. I spent 15 minutes on hold with my bank before I pounded enough 00000000s into the phone to connect me to a real person. I was convinced this fraudulent entity called “SBUX” on my statement was slowly and erroneously taking money out of my account in $4 and $5 dollar increments. I was extremely put out that I had to spend my time dealing with this. I was really outraged. It turns out SBUX is Starbucks. I had to hang up on the customer service lady because she was being smug. Unrelated: Did you know Pomeranian is an adjective referring to Pomerania, an area divided between Poland and Germany? Maybe that’s why Pomeranians look so much like grandma. HEY MATILDA, Life is logistics. You’ve got to learn to deal with these daily annoyances, Mat. You’re too hard done by. Me, I make lists. You should make a list each morning and then follow it carefully.

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Photo by Rachel Hulin.

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