Instagram Will Now Tell You If Someone Takes A Screenshot Of Your Messages

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A few days ago, Instagram introduced disappearing messages on Instagram Direct. Now the app has gone even further into copying Snapchat, by adding another well-known Snapchat feature: notifying you when someone has taken a screenshot.

It’s no secret anymore: Instagram has dove deep into Snapchat to inspire its latest new features. The latest, disappearing messages, is now also benefiting from a Snapchat add-on that will inform you each time someone takes a screenshot of your disappearing messages.

Only this time, copying Snapchat may have come out of necessity for Instagram. Snapchat introduced the feature a long time ago, as a means to keep its platform safe. Letting users know that others have created a screenshot, implies a level of self-respect and responsibility when using the platform. Although some may argue it never really worked.

Instagram felt like the feature was a must-have for all ephemeral content.

To be clear, these notifications only apply to disappearing content sent through Instagram Direct. That means you can still screenshot any public content published on the platform. Although I would argue that is against IP. But that’s another subject… Right Mr Richard Prince?

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